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Introducing the epi Sustainability Savings Estimator

Your online sustainability consultant, calculating the savings you can achieve in your business, by implementing sustainability best practice

  • Are you being pressured by your stakeholders to be more sustainable?
  • Do you need to implement sustainability best practice to meet customer and regulatory requirements?
  • Do you want to show your customers that you are taking concrete steps to implement sustainability best practice?
  • But lack the skills, expertise and experience in house to identify the steps you need to take and understand the impact on your business?
  • Not interested in sustainability technical terms but want answers to the questions of “what do I have to do” and “what will be the financial impact on my business?”
  • Want to see a practical set of recommendations, with implementation priorities and financial benefits?

Welcome to the Sustainability Savings Estimator (SSE) – an innovative online analysis system that helps a business calculate sustainability best practice savings. The power of Sustainability Savings Estimator is in its ability to calculate the savings you can achieve, in your business, based on your current practices, from implementing sustainability best practice. You can calculate savings and returns for your business within minutes.

Sustainability Savings Estimator