Welcome to epi

Online sustainability solutions.

Good for the planet, good for your profits.

Delivering advice and guidance digitally, globally and at low cost, to enable companies to achieve their sustainability goals

epi is an independent company (epindex ltd), founded in 2009. We have been advising leading global blue chip companies and their suppliers on sustainability and sustainable supply chain strategies for many years. We build on a unique and in depth understanding of  blue chip sustainable supply chain challenges to help suppliers implement “best practice” to meet these challenges.

epi has developed a wide range of specialized products and services with support from leading international blue chips companies, professional bodies and trade associations, to bring expertise and knowledge in the area of sustainability, to all companies, at scale and at low cost via the use of innovative online software tools and solutions.

The power of epi is in the strength and depth brought to it by its unique blend of experience, expertise and knowledge in areas as diverse as:

  • Sustainability best practice
  • Online systems and software development
  • Software enabled sustainability improvement programmes
  • Supply chain and procurement development
  • Operational efficiency improvement
  • Outsourced online service delivery and support

Our Awards: